cyanwitch (cyanwitch) wrote in alas_poor_muses,

From last week!

Title: Tsugumi
Fandom: 07-Ghost
Character/Pairing: Ouka
Theme: Fairy tale

Ouka hates the princesses in fairy tales. They’re helpless - worse than helpless - and happy waiting around for someone to save them. What’s more, they’re rewarded for it, marrying princes and having happily-ever-afters. Ouka can’t afford to be helpless - after the third attempt on her life, she learned the art of persona, hiding behind politeness and acquiescence, but she is shunted to the side, not rewarded. She has no choice but to submit to the army tests, to make nice with disgusting nobles, but when it becomes too much to bear, she disappears among the townspeople, where she can actually do some good. But in the end, she always has to return.

Ouka hates the princesses in fairy tales because she sees the worst parts of herself in them.

Tags: 07 ghost, author: cyanwitch, fic duel
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