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alas_poor_muses's Journal

And I will make of you another believer...
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The fanfiction journal of a group of shippers who try to write atleast one fic a week.
This is the joint writing journal of animegirl07, cyanwitch, spazzyfroggies, occasionally wingblossom, and now iron_heretic who decided to stop spamming their own journals with fic duels.

What is fic duel, you ask?

Fic duel is a challenge that happens every week, where one of us picks a theme or challenge, and we all have to write a fic and post it by the next Monday at midnight (that's technically Tuesday), or by 6 a.m. if you don't sleep before then. (Yay, loophole!)

This community is a base for us to post to, and to then crosspost to other communities, which we hope will get us some more attention, since all of our fics will be posted in one place. So please dig through and check out all of our writings. We hope you enjoy them! Comments are appreciated, and may later be incorporated in our point system. ^^

It's time to fic duel!

Another part of this writing team would also like to extend a welcome, and point out that tags are now accessible at the top of the page, to make it easier to find specific fandoms. :D

Also there's a mostly up-to-date index post located here for now. :)

Edited to incorporate our new team member. ^^

And another update to expand our team once more, and to add a list of prompts that will be updated as the weeks pass.