Kayla (spazzyfroggies) wrote in alas_poor_muses,

May 2011

Greetings and salutations, kids.

It's Maaaaaaay~. That means new themes for fic duel!

May 2011 Prompts

Due 5/9: "No Such Thing" (Chosen by animegirl07. Notes: "Could be the song. Could just be the title. Whatever." Song by John Mayer.)
Due 5/16: "The Familiar Taste of Poison" (Chosen by spazzyfroggies. Also a song by Halestorm, if you're looking for more inspiration.)
Due 5/23: TBD by cyanwitch
Due 5/30: TBD by iron_heretic

If you're looking for the old prompts that you need to catch up on, look no father than huuuur.

Other Challenges for May 2011

- spazzyfroggies: Write one fic for each song off the Halestorm CD before the end of the month.
Tags: fd themes, reference
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